Jean Driscoll “Dream Big” Award


The SBAGNE offers this $1000 award as a tribute to Jean Driscoll, an eight-time Boston Marathon Champion and adult living with Spina Bifida. SBAGNE is seeking to support an individual in “pursuing their passion” as Jean Driscoll has in her life. The award may be used for educational, developmental or assistive programs and needs and will be awarded to a SBAGNE constituent of over the age of 14, with Spina Bifida who best demonstrates the character and determination of the scholarship’s namesake. An individual can self-nominate or be nominated by another. If you’re interested in applying, download the Posting and Application form.

Jean Driscoll Award Posting/Application (English) – 2024 (Word) (PDF)

Jean Driscoll Awared Posting/Application (Spanish) – 2024 (Word) (PDF)

Jean Driscoll Award Posting/Application (Portuguese) – 2024 (Word) (PDF)