Welcome to our new Executive Director!

Jean Bertschmann

Dear SBAGNE Community,

It is with great pleasure that I introduce our new Executive Director, Jean Bertschmann. Jean enthusiastically accepted the reins of the position just a few weeks ago, and officially began working for SBAGNE on July 8. Some of you may have already met her at our annual Walk ‘n Roll in June, since she spent the day working hard as a volunteer to help make this event the success it was.

What drew Jean to SBAGNE was the unique and critical resource it provides to families living with spina bifida, as well as the strength of its volunteer leadership and staff. Her commitment to our organization is evident, and I am confident as ever that she will serve our community well as our Executive Director.

Jean comes to us with over 20 years of leadership experience in nonprofits as well as in local and regional government. She has previously served as Executive Director of Live4Evan, a nonprofit organization providing temporary housing and other support to families whose children are receiving congenital cardiac treatments. She has also served on multiple boards of mission-driven, direct service nonprofits.

Jean lives in Hopkinton, MA with her husband and four daughters and is an avid quilter and community volunteer. She looks forward to connecting with the SBAGNE community and supporting the essential resources it provides to families.

The Board would like to thank Kirk Joslin for serving as our Interim Executive Director these last few months. He will be assisting Jean in the transition for the next two weeks. Please join me in thanking Kirk for his service and welcoming Jean to our SBAGNE office!


Ginny Briggs
SBAGNE Board Chair