SBA Conference Awards

SBA Conference Awards

Note: These awards are available in the years the SBA is hosting a conference.

SBAGNE Conference Award

The number and amount of scholarships available will be based on the SBAGNE Annual Budget.

The goal of the Conference Award Program is to encourage individuals and families to attend the annual SBA Conference. This event provides a great opportunity to meet others living with Spina Bifida; learn more about living with Spina Bifida; make friends and enjoy seeing old friends; get away to a new city; share tips and tricks; learn the latest medical information from doctors and other experts; and have an amazing experience overall!

Conference Scholarship Flyer 2016 (PDF)

SBA Conference Scholarship Application 2016 (Word Document)

Mary Jo Dunleavy Conference Award

The SBAGNE offers 2 – $1500 scholarships, as a tribute to Mary Jo Dunleavy, RN. During her career of more than 30 years at Children’s Hospital in Boston, she worked at the Urology and General Surgery departments and as nurse coordinator of the hospital’s Spina Bifida clinic. Mary Jo was a dedicated nurse and friend of the SBAGNE community. The award must be used to attend the annual SBA Conference and will be awarded to SBAGNE constituents, with Spina Bifida, who best demonstrate the commitment to maximizing the benefits of attending the SBA Conference.