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Falmouth Road Race

August 15, 2021

We invite you to join the SBAGNE Falmouth Road Race again this year, and hope you will be able to participate. This will be the 16th year SBAGNE has had a team in the race, and together you have raised $615,000 for our organization – AMAZING! Thank you!

Given the COVID-19 situation, there are some potential differences in the race this year. Please read on below to learn about the 2021 details. We’ve included a link to a survey at the end – please take a few minutes to fill it out so we can provide you with the best race experience we can offer.


  • Date: August 15, 2021
  • Bibs available: 30
  • Minimum Fundraising Requirement: $750/bib
  • Team Goal $71,000
  • New Event Sponsor: Asics

Link to register:  http://raceroster.com/registration/31634/entry?teamEntryToken=HKTMXCYU5T&year=2021&slug=the-2021-asics-falmouth-road-race

Link to team page: http://raceroster.com/events/2021/31634/the-2021-asics-falmouth-road-race/pledge/team/304676

Link to team Facebook Group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/2795686890649034


The race will be run in one of 3 formats:

  • In-Person
  • Hybrid (30% in person, 70% Virtual)
  • Virtual

The directors will announce the format on June 1, 2021. THERE WILL BE A VIRTUAL OPTION EVEN IF THE RACE IS FULLY IN PERSON. In the event of any in-person runners, it is likely that there will be a rolling start (at drop off from buses) and rolling finish, with extensive COVID-19 precautions in place.

You must have one of our bibs to be on our team and fundraise, with 2 exceptions:

  1. If you have a bib from another source (lottery, resident), you may join the team and fundraise – we will need to connect to the organizers to add you to the team.
  2. If you want to race in the mobility impaired division, we need to register you separately. You will get a bib from that division and can fundraise for our team, but it will not be one of the 30 bibs we have been allocated.


The FRR staff is invested in helping support you. There will be a virtual swag bag again, in addition to the usual swag which will be mailed/picked up at the race. There are new options for matching fundraising challenges and spotlights on runners on social media. We’ll share those opportunities with you as we receive them.


Here is the survey – please take a few minutes to complete it so we can plan a fun experience for you.  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/5XKH5NQ

Thank you so much for running for SBAGNE this year. This is our largest fundraiser, accounting for about 1/3 of our budget so we are INCREDIBLY grateful to you for your support!


Laura Browne-Lambert
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