Folic Acid Importance Highlighted

national_council_folic_acid_logoFolic Acid Importance Highlighted

Thoroughout January share messages about the importance of folic acid in honor of Folic Acid Awareness Week and Birth Defects Prevention Month.

Adequate folic acid intake is important for the prevention of birth defects.

 Nutritional habits

Although all enriched cereals and grain products in the U.S. are fortified with the B-vitamin folic acid, only one-third of U.S. women of childbearing age consume the recommended amount from their diet. Taking a multivitamin with folic acid every day is a key way that women can get the recommended amount of 400 mcg.

Be prepared before pregnancy

Women need folic acid, even if not planning to become pregnant, since 50% of all pregnancies are unplanned. Taking folic acid before pregnancy reduces the risk of birth defects of the brain and spine, called neural tube defects (NTDs), by up to 70%.

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